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I am Davidmbrooke, davidMbrooke, DavidMbrookE or simply dMb. I work as an Information Systems Architect for HP Enterprise Services and I live in Derby in the United Kingdom. HP are aware that I contribute code and documentation to the LEAF project, but I do this in a personal capacity and not as an HP employee.

I have been relying on various branches of LEAF to run my home network firewall for many years. My main focus in developing and documenting LEAF is for:

  • Improving and testing IPv6 support.
  • Implementing status monitoring and alerting.
  • Hosting a RADIUS server, to support 802.1X Authentication by network devices such as wireless access points.
  • Connecting to the Internet using a wireless broadband device (3G/4G dongle).
  • Connecting to the Internet using ADSL via PPPoE.
  • Using LEAF as a file server.

I have also had success in using Bering-uClibc to run the Logitech Media Server software on an ALIX single-board-computer with a local hard drive. LMS is mostly written in Perl but also relies on quite a number of non-standard compiled packages. Contact me for further information if this is interest to you.