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Documentation License

As stated on the Main Page, the content of this Wiki is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Software License

Each LEAF release is a Linux distribution consisting of a wide range of software taken from a variety of upstream projects, plus a small amount of "LEAF-specific" software which has been created just for LEAF. Some of the LEAF-specific software is only used for the development of a LEAF release - for example and - and is not normally distributed, although it is freely available. Other LEAF-specific software (notably apkg) is included in the published LEAF Images.

The upstream project software is released under a variety of Free and Open Source Software licenses, depending on which license the copyright holders chose to use. For example:

3. Redistributions must contain a verbatim copy of this document.

In some cases the upstream software has been modified for LEAF, e.g. by applying a source code patch. In such cases the modified software is a "derived work" and is licensed under the same terms as the original upstream software.

TODO: Say more about how the different upstream software projects are "aggregated" into a LEAF release, and which license applies to the "aggregate".