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IPv6 Networking
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IPv6 Networking Overview

A default installation of Bering-uClibc 6.x has IPv6 partially enabled:

  • The ipv6.ko kernel Module is loaded automatically.
  • As a result, IPv6 addresses are assigned to each network interface - "link local" addresses and also "global" addresses if an IPv6 router is present.
  • Most of the daemon Packages support IPv6 in addition to IPv4. For example:
    • dropbear.lrp (SSH)
    • mhttpd.lrp (HTTP)
    • ntpd.lrp (NTP)

However, the default installation of Shorewall[4] disables most IPv6 operations.

For full IPv6 operation it is necessary to install and configure additional Packages as described in the Sub-Chapters.

IPv6 Networking Sub-Chapters

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