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Advanced Topics - Setting Up Backup to Remote Server
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We assume here that you want to configure automatic backup to remote server.

Backup mechanism is simple and doesn't require specific software. Here is order of operations:

  • LEAF box mounts storage and runs tftp server on mountpoint, after - it sends HTTP request to backup server with list of files
  • Backup server fetches files from list, and sends answer to LEAF box
  • LEAF box stops tftp server and umounts storage

Step 1: Configure Remote Server

You need a remote server with next available software:

  • HTTP server
  • tftp client
  • CGI backup script

Here is sample backup script (it uses atftp as ftp client):


# Path to dir where files will be stored

if [ -n "$HTTP_USER_AGENT" ]; then
    echo "Content-Type: text/html"

if [ -n "`echo $HTTP_USER_AGENT | grep "Wget"`" ] && [ -n "$REMOTE_ADDR" ]; then
    if [ "$REQUEST_METHOD" = "POST" ] ; then
        _F_QUERY_STRING=`dd count=$CONTENT_LENGTH bs=1 2> /dev/null`
        if [ "$QUERY_STRING" != "" ] ; then
    filelist="${_F_QUERY_STRING//\+/ }"
    # Create directory for backup in format <IP>/<date>
    mkdir -p $REPO/$REMOTE_ADDR/`date +%Y%m%d`
    cd $REPO/$REMOTE_ADDR/`date +%Y%m%d`
    # Generate commands for tftp client
    for i in $filelist; do
        rm -f $i
        scmd=$scmd"get $i\n"
    # Call tftp client
    echo -e "$scmd"|atftp $REMOTE_ADDR 2>&1 &>/dev/null
    # Return result of tftp client execution to LEAF
    echo $?

Step 2: Declare the backup.lrp and tftpd.lrp Package

The backup.lrp Package provides a backup script and a cron script (/etc/cron.weekly/backup)

Add the tftpd and backup Package to the LRP line in leaf.cfg as described in the LEAF Packages Chapter.

Step 3: Configure the backup system

Invoke lrcfg and choose 3) Packages configuration, then backup and then /etc/backup.conf.

Modify string:


Save the file and exit the editor.

Step 4: Check if the backup system is working properly

To check if backup functioning properly, run /etc/cron.weekly/backup.

If all is OK, you should see in /var/log/backup.log string like

Mon Jun 20 12:14:42 EEST 2011: Backup successful

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