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Upload permissions for cvs requires: - to be a LEAF developer; therefor one need a SF account - and to be approved by core team/lead developer (Andrew). Mike will shurely help making the necessary steps.

An additional/different option will be a contrib section like in the 3.x series. The difference was, that if one just wants to contribute a single, very special package he can do so without having access to the core. And the responsibility is only by the contributor not by the team.

I have been wondering about this - in 3.x we had "Core" packages, plus Testing and Contrib, and also the ability for a developer to use their own directory under "devel/". Some of the old Contrib packages are now in the Core - or do we plan to return them to a Contrib section? Davidmbrooke 19:14, 25 October 2010 (UTC)

I'll explain the decisions we made for 3.x: devel/ - was an idea that never really worked core - contained the packages supported by the core team testing - contained packages we build by user request, sometimes provided as-is, sometimes we waited for user feedback and moved it later to core Note that the team was more or less responsible for those packages, at least none could update those contrib - open to all LEAF developers, where they could share packages they had built for their own use; they've also been asked to take responsibility for those packages.

This has been useful to move LEAF forward to new base (uclibc version) and providing a solid version over the years. In the end it was also limited, cause we weren't able to aggregate a larger developer community. Of course our fault, but related to the sections and access permissions for the sections.

For the 4.x series I suggest that we (at least for the beginning) make a difference between "official", supported packages, which should be a minimal subset and restricted to core developers and a larger section with additional packages with write access for all LEAF developers. For both we should have a source repository and a repository for compiled packages - and the requirement to provide both. (what about sources.cfg?) So there is no longer a difference between testing and contrib and the core section will only a few packages, if at all...

After all these experiences, I tend to open the repository rather sooner than later.

Ok, my main points are: 1) The Policies and Guidelines should explain whats needed to get write permissions? 2) We have to decide during the beta cycle how open we make the LEAF development. This may be better discussed on the mailing-list :)