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Policies and Guidelines
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The following general Policies and Guidelines should be adopted (if possible / practical) when developing for Bering-uClibc 4.x:

  1. Upload the upstream package source file to the LEAF source code management system and reference it from there within buildtool.cfg.
    • This provides a "local" copy in case the upstream distribution location changes or goes away.
    • This provides an input to the process which creates a downloadable snapshot of all of the source code used for a Bering-uClibc 4.x distribution, which is required to comply with SourceForge terms and conditions. TODO: Add reference to those Ts&Cs.
  2. Store the upstream package source file in unmodified form.
    • Do not change the filename. Retain the original compression scheme (preferably .tar.gz but alternatively .tar.bz2 if that is all that is provided).
    • Make changes by "patching" the unpacked files as part of the build process defined in
  3. When adding an extra kernel module to the kmodules source package, check whether there is any accompanying firmware (in /lib/firmware/). If there is, also specify that in the kmodules buildtool.cfg.
    • Refer to the e100 entry as an example.
  4. Do not place kernel Modules into Package .lrp files. Place modules only in moddb.lrp and modules.tgz.

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