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Right now we have the a Git repository called "leaf" with the following structure:


It does not seem possible to git-clone just part of a repository, so all of the source files get downloaded when initializing the build environment. Then they all get downloaded again into buildtool/sources/, and get built from there. That doesn't seem very efficient. Should we consider having more than one Git "repository", one for buildtool and another for sources?
Davidmbrooke 12:18, 5 February 2011 (UTC)

Do we need a leaf-git-commits mailing list to replace leaf-cvs-commits? Do we need to configure something to generate emails when changes are made? Is that what this section of the SourceForge Git page is all about?
Or should developers use RSS via GitWeb to get the same result?
Davidmbrooke 13:16, 5 February 2011 (UTC)

David, thx for this page - I'm also new to git, so this helps. I prefer a commit mailing list, fits into my work habits, and I just don't like to run another app (RSS) and mails contains somewhat the history, at least for me. About your first comment: I'm currently testing the quick and dirty solution to change sources.cfg and let leaf4-sourceforge point to my local (clone) git repository

#<Server leaf4-sourceforge>                                                                                                    
#      Type = gitweb                                                                                                          
#      Name =                                                                                        
#      Serverpath = bering-uclibc4/source                                                                                     
#       Repo = leaf/leaf                                                                                                       

<Server leaf4-sourceforge>                                                                                                     
        Type = file                                                                                                            
        Serverpath = /PATH/TO/leaf/bering-uclibc4/source                                                                   

I understand that this don't work uses some promising features of git, like branches etc.. I hope we will refine the process in the future, but I think enhancing the use of the local workdir (read: to remove mainly the download stuff from buildtool to git) can be the way to go. --Kapeka 14:36, 5 February 2011 (UTC)

Hi kp. I generally write notes like this for myself when learning new software, so writing it here is not so much more effort and it means others can benefit. Personally I am finding Git OK; it seems very "powerful" with lots of options but for simple tasks it is quite simple -- once you work out what the commands are. I notice that Linus himself was involved in the design and development, which is always a good sign!

Pointing to the local copy of directory sources/ sounds like a big improvement - it was the double-download I was objecting to rather than having sources in the same repository. Presumably this makes it easier to keep up-to-date with other changes in the master repository rather than having an "offline" copy in buildtool/sources/* like we did before. I also used to get occasional download failures during "wget" because of DNS and similar issues, so avoiding those would be good too.
Davidmbrooke 15:19, 5 February 2011 (UTC)