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Unpacking a gpg signed lrp package
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Unpacking a gpg signed lrp package

Starting with version 6.2 , the packages in the distribution are now gpg signed for security reasons. This implies you won't be able to unpack them the old way, which was simply doing:

tar zxvf file.lrp

It is still possible to access the content of the lrp, to make your personal changes, but you'll have to do some more steps to manually extract them, you'll have to decrypt the lrp first. Once your modifications are done, repackage the lrp as before, you will only get a warning at reboot that the package does not have a valid signature, but it will work as expected, unless your changes broke it :-( !

Start by extracting initrd.lrp where the public key signature is to be found.

Find the distribution you want to use: let's suppose we want " Bering-uClibc_6.0.2_x86_64_syslinux_serial115200.tar.gz " ...

cd ~/Downloads
mkdir Bering-uClibc_6.0.2_x86_64_syslinux_serial115200
cd Bering-uClibc_6.0.2_x86_64_syslinux_serial115200
tar xvzf ~/Downloads/Bering-uClibc_6.2.6_x86_64_syslinux_serial115200.tar.gz
mkdir initrd
cd initdr
gzip -cd ../initrd.lrp | cpio -idmv 

now, let's decrypt and extract for instance etc.lrp...

cd ..
mkdir etc
cd etc
gpg --keyring ../initrd/root/.gnupg/LEAF_sigkeys.gpg --decrypt -o etc.tgz ../etc.lrp
tar zxvf etc.tgz

You now have access to the package content. Make you modifications and when done, repackage the lrp the usual way with:

cd /Downloads/Bering-uClibc_6.2.6_x86_64_syslinux_serial115200/etc
rm etc.tgz
tar -c * | gzip -9 > etc.lrp

Replace the old etc.lrp in the distribution with your modified version, but, I repeat, during boot you'll get a warning that the etc.lrp has no valid signature, but it will work as expected.

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