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Advanced Topics - Setting Up a Wireless Internet Connection
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Setting Up a Wireless Internet Connection


Here we will show you how to hook up your LEAF Box to an uplink access point using Wifi, e.g. IEEE-802.11 .


The software used to hook up to an uplink access point is called wpasupplicant and is packaged in the wpasupp.lrp LEAF package. You should be familiar on how to obtain LEAF packages from either a tarball in the LEAF file area or to download it using your internet connection. You should also be familiar on how to set up LEAF to automatically install packages.


As of LEAF 7.x wpasupp.lrp depends on the following packages:

  • libssl.lrp
  • libcrpto.lrp


The wpasupplicant software is configured using a text file /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf. It is also controlled by the file /etc/default/wpasupp where a few start parameters are defined. The wpasupp.lrp package includes a copy of these two files for your reference.


The /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf file is used to tell wpasupplicant credentials to use with a certain SSID.

# Minimal /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf to associate with open
#  access points. 

# path to UNIX socket control interface


### Example of basic WPA-PSK secured AP, uncomment the next 4 lines, add in your own ssid and psk...
#    ssid="yournet"
#    psk="yourpassword"

### Associate with any open access point
###  Scans/ESSID changes can be done with wpa_cli

Please refer to wpasupplicant for the complete description of the configuration parameters.


This file is used to activate wpasuppplicant and tell it about the interface and the driver used

# To activate the wpasupplicant daemon, set ENABLED to 1


# Specify the network interface that the daemon will attach to.
# Examples: INTERFACE="eth1"
#           INTERFACE="ath0"
# Failure to set INTERFACE to a valid network interface name will
# cause the daemon to fail or exit immediately.


# DRIVER specifies the driver type of the interface defined above.
# If DRIVER is not set, the daemon will default to the "wext" driver
# Currently, the following drivers are supported:
#  hostap = Host AP driver (Intersil Prism2/2.5/3)
#  madwifi = MADWIFI 802.11 support (Atheros, etc.)
#  atmel = ATMEL AT76C5XXx (USB, PCMCIA)
#  wext = Linux wireless extensions (generic, ipw2100/2200/3495, linux >= 2.6.14)
#  ndiswrapper = Linux ndiswrapper
#  ipw = Intel ipw2100/2200 driver (linux kernels 2.6.13 or older only)
#  wired = wpa_supplicant wired Ethernet driver


# uncomment to make wpasupplicant wait for the control client

Firewall settings

If you use your wireless connection as your external interface you will have to configure your firewall software accordingly. Your external interface will most probably become wlan0. Please refer to the Shorewall configuration page for details.