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Welcome to the Main Page for the LEAF (Linux Embedded Appliance Framework) project Wiki.

At this time the main purpose of this Wiki is to host a set of documentation for the new Bering-uClibc 4.x branch / release of LEAF, and for the new branch Bering-uClibc-next. Version 4.0 was released on 15 May 2011 and further updates are currently under development, Bering-uClibc-next is experimental branch with reworked toolchain that was started in October 2011.

This Wiki is divided into five main "books":

Documentation for other / earlier LEAF branches is currently available from although the intention is to migrate that content into this Wiki over time (most of this migration is now complete). The main LEAF project home page is

If you wish to report a problem with this documentation please raise a Ticket using the LEAF Trac system at (You will need a SourceForge user account.)

Documentation contributors are welcome. Please refer to the Wiki Contributor Guidelines.

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