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These examples are not using the Bering-uClibc builtin email notification found in the master configuration file

[ lrcfg... 2) system configuration... 1) Master LRP settings... ]

Email notification example using your own ISP SMTP server:

This email gets sent when the router IP address changes

Using sendmail:

  look for the code in: 


  firewall# cat mailIP
  # transmet l'adresse ip quand il change...
  IPNOW=$(ip addr | grep 255.255. | sed -n 's/^ *inet *\([.0-9]*\).*/\1/p')
  if grep -q $IPNOW /tmp/MyIP.log
  echo "No change"
  echo $IPNOW > /tmp/MyIP.log
  echo "Subject: l'adresse IP aujourd'hui: $IPNOW !!! " > /tmp/MyIP1.log
  echo "From: root@firewall" >> /tmp/MyIP1.log
  echo "Date:  `date -R`" >> /tmp/MyIP1.log
  echo "" >> /tmp/MyIP1.log
  echo "Salut mon petit JR..." >> /tmp/MyIP1.log
  echo "" >> /tmp/MyIP1.log
  echo "nouvel IP:  $IPNOW" >> /tmp/MyIP1.log
  echo "Uptime est: `uptime | cut -d ',' -f1 | sed 's/^.\{12\}//g'`" >> /tmp/MyIP1.log
  echo "" >> /tmp/MyIP1.log
  echo "---- " >> /tmp/MyIP1.log
  echo "de la part de ton gentil Routeur !!!" >> /tmp/MyIP1.log
  echo "" >> /tmp/MyIP1.log
  echo "" >> /tmp/MyIP1.log
  sendmail -S </tmp/MyIP1.log -froot@firewall -auxxxxxxxx -apyyyyyyyy


Using curl:

  curl --url smtps:// --mail-from root@firewall --mail-rcpt    --upload-file /tmp/MyIP1.log --ssl-reqd --user xxxxxxxx:yyyyyyyy --insecure -v