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Appendices - Troubleshooting/FAQ
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My freshly made USB key won't boot, what's wrong with the instructions ?

See updated instructions !

I get this cryptic syslinux message: "failed to load com32 file vesamenu.c32" !

This is because the syslinux version used to create the USB key bootloader ldlinux.sys does not match the *.c32 file's version present in the Bering-uClibc 5.3.1 distribution /syslinux directory.

Whatever syslinux version you are using, make sure to copy the files "hdt.c32, menu.c32 and vesamenu.c32" that comes with it to your USB key /syslinux directory. In other words, do not use the *.c32 files present in the Bering uClibc distribution unless you know from which syslinux version they come from.

At the time of this writing, latest version 6.0.3 of syslinux also complains it is missing some more *.c32 files (libutil.c32 ...), so again copy these in your USB key /syslinux directory.

My firewall randomly assigns eth0 to either of my two NICs on bootup... that is very bad !

For those of you who missed it, there is a bbnameif.lrp package that address this problem.

Add it to your LRP="root license local bbnameif dhcpcd keyboard ..." list of packages to load and reboot.

/etc/init.d/nameif must be run while eth0 and eth1 are down, this can be done by making sure it is executed before /etc/init.d/ifupdown runs. You might have to change /etc/init.d/nameif's RCDLINKS="2,S04" depending on your lrp list of packages.

Find out which RCDLINKS /etc/init.d/ifupdown uses by looking at your /etc/rc?.d. Pick any unused S0X number lower than the one ifupdown uses, and assign it to nameif.

For Bering uClibc 5.1.3, ifupdown uses S04, so I use S03 for nameif, since it is free for my setup.

Don't forget to add /etc/init.d/nameif to local.local... and save your config, so your changes are there on the next bootup !

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