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   * You will need Bering-uClibc 5.x or higher.
   * You will need Bering-uClibc 5.x or higher.
   * The <code class="filename">curl.lrp</code> package, add it in your <code class="filename">leaf.cfg</code> list of package.
   * The <code class="filename">curl.lrp</code> package.
==Manual setup==
==Manual setup==

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There is a lot of info on the net about setting dnsmasq to block advertisements, trackings... etc. Bering-uClibcx.x comes with dnsmasq already installed, so here is a quick guide that shows a simple setup that will filter out advertisements sites from web pages on your networked devices, how lucky can we get !


  * You will need Bering-uClibc 5.x or higher.
  * The curl.lrp package.

Manual setup

(treading carefully :-))

Enter the command:

curl -s -d mimetype=plaintext http://pgl.yoyo.org/as/serverlist.php?hostformat=dnsmasq-server > /root/tmpfile.list

Check your file tmpfile.list, you should have a list of server with the following format:

server=/... etc /


cp /root/tmpfile.list /etc/dnsmasq.d/addblock.list

Edit /etc/dnsmasq.conf and enter:


Restart dnsmasq with:

/etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart

That's it, all the nasty adds should be gone ! (well a bunch of them !)

Hum yeah! don't forget to save your configuration, a simple:

lrcfg and s) Save configuration

will suffice.