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Create the sources tarball as required by SF policy:
Create the sources tarball as required by SF policy:
  cd [path to git]/leaf/bering-uclib5/buildtool$  
  cd [path to git]bering-uclibc$  
  git archive --format=tgz -9 HEAD -o [your/upload-dir]/Bering-uClibc_5.0-nn_src.tgz
  git archive --format=tgz -9 HEAD -o [your/upload-dir]/Bering-uClibc_5.0-nn_src.tgz

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The Release Process
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The target audience for this page are LEAF maintainers and admins.

The page describes the release process, mostly as reminder. Note: Various steps require (different) admininstrator privileges.

Rebuild new release from source

It is recommended to do a completly fresh build from the sources. Use the command:

./buildtool distclean

Compile the build environment and all packages.


Finally build the lwp files for webconf.


Commit Packages to SF SCM

Copy all generated lrp packages to [path to git]/leaf/bering-uclibc5/bin/packages. Commit and push into the git repository:

[path to git]/leaf/bering-uclibc5/bin/packages git commit *
[path to git]/leaf/bering-uclibc5/bin/packages git push

Create images and source tarball

Create the images:

fakeroot ./buildimage.pl --kernel-arch geode --image-type syslinux --variant serial
fakeroot ./buildimage.pl --kernel-arch i486  --image-type isolinux --variant vga
fakeroot ./buildimage.pl --kernel-arch i486  --image-type syslinux --variant serial
fakeroot ./buildimage.pl --kernel-arch i486  --image-type syslinux --variant vga
fakeroot ./buildimage.pl --kernel-arch i686  --image-type syslinux --variant vga
fakeroot ./buildimage.pl --kernel-arch i686  --image-type isolinux --variant vga

It is a good idea to finally test the newly build version with qemu:

qemu-system-i386 -cdrom image/Bering-uClibc_5.0-xx_i486_isolinux_vga.iso 

Create the sources tarball as required by SF policy:

cd [path to git]bering-uclibc$ 
git archive --format=tgz -9 HEAD -o [your/upload-dir]/Bering-uClibc_5.0-nn_src.tgz

Tag release in SCM

[path to git]/leaf/bering-uclibc4# git tag -a -m "Release of LEAF Bering-uClibc 5.0-nn" v5.0-nn
[path to git]/leaf/bering-uclibc4# git push origin v5.0-nn

Clean up Trac

Edit the milestone in LEAF Trac and either close the active tickets or move them to later version.

Add the new release on the LEAF Trac - Versions page and select it as new "Default", so the new version will be the default version when creating a new ticket.

Create README and Announcement

Upload files to SF FRS

Login to SF FRS Create New Folder, named with the release version. Change to the created folder and upload Readme and all the images.

Create Packages page

Wiki Changes

Known Issues


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