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Bering-uClibc-next - Developer Guide Next

This Developer Guide describes the recommended approach for people who want to:

  • Build Bering-uClibc-next from source code.
  • Modify an existing Package.
  • Add a new Package.

All LEAF variants are designed to run on small, embedded systems which do not provide a suitable platform for software development. The distribution therefore needs to be prepared on a separate "build" system and installed onto the "target" system. The build system needs to run Linux but it can be any modern distribution which includes the pre-requisites described on the next page.

One enhancement from Bering-uClibc 4.x is that the build environment can have different architecture that target arch, because true cross-compilation is used.

For Bering-uClibc-next there is a well-developed toolchain which consists of:

  • A utility called which automates the process of compiling source code for Packages.
    • This also supports the compilation of the build environment itself, via a special pseudo-package called buildenv.
  • A utility called which automates the process of assembling an installable Package (.lrp) file from compiled code.
  • A utility called which automates the process of preparing a disk Image from a full set of Package files.

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