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Building a Distribution
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The term "Distribution" is used to refer to a version-numbered Release of Bering-uClibc 5.x - either a Beta or a "full" Release.

Few Developers will prepare formal Releases but it can be useful to understand the steps required and where all of the pieces come from.

Download the Sources


Build the Toolchain

Run the following command from the buildtool root directory:

./ build toolchain

Build the Packages

Run the following command from the buildtool root directory:


Check for errors by viewing the HTML report generated as /tmp/DD.MM.YYYY/build.html where DD.MM.YYYY is a datestamp, for example 13.02.2011.

Build the lwp Packages is a shell script, that generates the (standard) lwp files for the webconf Package. The files has been downloaded and extracted into the path source/lwp. The script builds the lwp files in the package directory, named *.lwp.


Build the Images

Run the following command from the buildtool root directory

fakeroot ./ -image-type=imgtype --kernel-arch=karch --variant=serial

Substitute imgtype and karch and variant as appropriate. For example:

fakeroot ./ -image-type=isolinux --kernel-arch=i686 --variant=vga

The disk Image files are generated in the image directory.

Upload the Distribution to the SourceForge File Download Area


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