Bering-uClibc 5.0.x - Changelog

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Changes between 4.x and next branch

updated uClibc to 0.9.32
used -O2 instead -Os for binaries
updated gcc in build environement to 4.6.2
busybox is built with rich help messages, also some additional applets are enabled
removed autoconf/automake/libtool/nasm from tree (used ones that are available into build system)
kernel modules are gzipped for memory saving
core scripts/kernel options changes
support for vlans/bonding is moved from separate packages to basic packages (initrd, etc, root)
enabled verbose help messages
enabled ifenslave, vconfig, bunzip2, unlzma, lzma, modinfo, setserial, beep, chat, mpstat, pstree, watch, nohup applets
package updates
perl to 5.14.2