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Hardware Requirements
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Basic Hardware Compatibility

CPU Type

Bering-uClibc 4.x only supports variants of the "x86" microprocessor. This is the standard type of processor which is installed in a "PC" or a "PC compatible" computer. Very early x86 CPUs such as the 8086, i286 and i386 are not supported but all i486 and later variants are supported.

Alternative CPU types which are not supported include:

  • ARM, as used in some embedded devices and mobile phones.
  • MIPS, as used in some embedded devices.
  • PowerPC, as used in e.g. older Apple Macintosh computers.

In near future will be added kernel for x86_64 systems, which may improve performance of AMD64-compatible systems.


Unlike most other Linux distributions, LEAF uses an in-memory file system rather than some sort of disk device to hold its working files and directories. It is therefore necessary to have enough memory to support:

  • The in-memory / ("root") directory structure
  • The in-memory /log directory structure
  • The in-memory /tmp directory structure
  • The normal (non-disk) memory requirements of the installed applications

Disk Device

Although not used during normal operations, Bering-uClibc 4.x needs somewhere to store the files it boots from, and any changes made to the default configuration files. This is typically a local disk device of some sort. (It is possible to configure Bering-uClibc 4.x for full "diskless" operation but this is quite an advanced configuration option. See Bering-uClibc 4.x - User Guide - Advanced Topics - Diskless Operation.)

TODO Cover:

  • CD-ROM (only)
  • CD-ROM + Floppy Disk, for config changes
  • Hard drive
  • Flash drive

Minimum Hardware Specifications

TODO Add a summary of Minimum (and Recommended?) hardware specifications.

Example Hardware Configurations

Known to be Compatible


Known to be Incompatible


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