Bering-uClibc 4.x - User Guide

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See notes on the "discussion" page.


  1. Introduction
    • TODO
  2. Hardware Requirements
    • Summary of the main options: Standard PC, PC Engines ALIX and similar. Others?
    • Minimum and Recommended specifications
  3. Installing the Disk Image
    • Choosing the best image to download (assuming we provide multiple options)
    • Copying to the installation media:
      • CD-ROM
      • CF Card (via USB card interface in another PC)
  4. Basic Configuration
  5. IPv4 Networking
  6. IPv6 Networking
    • External Network Connections
    • Internal Network Connections
    • Configure Shorewall6
    • Configure Radvd
    • Configure DHCP for IPv6???
  7. Advanced Topics


  1. Upgrading from Bering-uClibc 3.x
  2. Overview of the Startup Sequence
    • [SYS|ISO|PXE]LINUX and the relevant configuration file
    • Linux kernel, kernel arguments and initrd
    • Bering-uClibc LINUXRC (/init), LEAFCFG, PKGPATH
    • inittab (especially for serial consoles)
    • /etc/rc?.d/*