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Changes between 3.1 and 4.0-beta1


updated kernel to

updated uClibc to

updated busybox to 1.17.1

added busybox patch to change default modprobe behavior if there are two or more modules that corresponds to one modalias (it'll load module that have longest 'prefix' before first asterisk in it's modalias)

updated iproute2 to 2.6.35

used syslog-ng as logger

updated gcc in build environement to 4.4.5

updated automake to 1.9.6

updated autoconf to 2.68

core scripts/kernel options changes:

removed support of paging file

disk subsystem moved from old ATA/MFM/RLL drivers to new ATA/SATA (SCSI-like)

root FS migrated from initrd to initramfs; so syst_size option becomes obsolete (initramfs uses up to half of physical memory)

included automatic module loading by modaliases in init script and in boot-time modprobe script

added kernel variable KMODULES that specify modules from initrd that must be loaded before autoprobing for modaliases

added mdev for automatic creation of device nodes in /dev

added firmware for NICs in firmware.tgz

save firmware in moddb.lrp

other packages changes:

included full-weight perl 5.12.1

included accel-pptpd 0.8.5 (kernel-mode PPTP client/server)

included packages for automatically backup system partition and update .lrp packages if fresh ones are present on update server

replaced 6wall with (perl-based) shorewall6

added igmpproxy.lrp, libnl.lrp


included ifb-based shaper for PPP connections (for outgoing traffic)

added patch for pppd for enabling mppe-128 encryption (allow-mppe-128 instead of require-mppe-128) - that will help to accept moth pap/chap/mschap and mschapv2 authentication

pppoe-discovery added


added ntpd and traceroute applet; replacing openntpd.lrp and traceroute.lrp

package updates:

iptables to

quagga to 0.99.17

hostapd to 0.7.3

net-snmp to 5.4.3

shorewall to (perl-based) 4.4.14

ipvsadmin to 1.25

kismet to 2010-07-R1

mysql to 5.0.91

elvis to 1.4-22

bash to 3.2.48

tcpdump to 4.1.1

libpcap to 1.1.1

keepalived to 1.1.20

dhcpcd to 4.0.15

linux-atm to 2.5.1

vsftpd to 2.2.2

wpa_supplicant to 0.5.11

e2fsprogs to 1.41.12

openvpn to 2.1.3

lmsensors to 3.2.0 (plus improved autodetection)

tinyproxy to 1.8.2

irqbalance to 0.56

libtool to 2.4

e3 to 2.8